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SAP HANA Services

Leveraging the Potential of SAP HANA Implementation to Drive the High-Velocity Enterprise

SAP HANA offers a platform well ensemble to the requirements of the high-velocity enterprise in a digitally-connected and Big Data-driven world. Weborative offers solutions around SAP HANA and Business Suite migration, conversion services, and rapid-deployment to boost the shift to an SAP HANA in-memory database platform. Beside our proprietary Value Realization methodology (VRM™), these solutions assist customers to get the most value from their assets in SAP HANA in-memory technology.

We have also spent in Weborative SAP HANA Center of Excellence (COE), an important body of information, to build industry-specific prototypes, proof of concepts (POC), displays, and make sure development improvements on a constant basis. The COE also plays a vital role in boosting return on investment (ROI) for clients. Implementation of SAP HANA can be best understood with Weborative skills, which assists customers with end to end HANA implementations and levels. We are exclusively positioned to create more value from your SAP implementation & Rollout investments, with our proven implementation knowledge, depth understanding of business processes. Our SAP consultants assist the IT departments to focus on their prepared constancy and performance by providing a robust, high-quality installation and flawless implementation of the SAP HANA platform.

SAP HANA Key Takeaways

Here are our significant factors when it comes to HANA development Services

Empowers Your Organization

Our consultants help the IT departments it reduced dependence on IT resources and delivering real-time visibility to entire data for transaction and analytics processing and also help in providing a 360° view of your business

Real-Time Analytics

We believe in go from “what happened yesterday” to real-time & close to zero latency. As we have the ability to control and examine large volumes of data & get real-time operational reporting in the integrated Business Suite on HANA stack

Low Total Cost of Ownership

We are implementing non-disruptive to offered Enterprise Data Warehousing Strategy a small Low Total Cost of Ownership by leveraging the latest technology and delivery as a pre-configured application

Predictive Analytics

SAP predictive analysis tool provides powerful combination option of native algorithms, integration with HANA predictive library. It is helpful for predict business outcomes through statistical, data mining and advanced visualization

HANA Deployment Options for Customers

Our SAP HANA has the loaded below three Deployment Options for Clients


This deployment option provides the highest flexibility to clients because it puts them in control of their surroundings. Clients are in charge of all their customizations, alterations, configurations etc. as dictated by their business prerequisites

On Cloud

This deployment option highlights consistency and implementation of SAP industry Best Practices. SAP HANA Cloud edition exists in on SAP possessed infrastructure that is functioned and kept by SAP. With this deployment, option SAP is in organizing

Hybrid Deployment Option

As the name suggests, the Hybrid Deployment option blends the characteristics of both the cloud and on-premise options. Clients who like the finest of both worlds will discover

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