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App Strategy

Build a Strategy around Your Strengths and Nurture with it

Strategies are believed to cover your fault under the layer of your strengths. We at Weborative, promise the strategy is merely an indication of your abilities. A key part of strategy mapping is to decide what to build, and for whom and recognize and, thus, decrease surprises at the time of execution. Thus, we persist in optimizing the budget, program, and goals accordingly. Not to state, our strategy turn around costs and timing.

The consultative approach of Weborative towards app building will assist you to take your design to the next stage by combining the slotted portions of views and inventing a scalable mobile app development strategy. Our mobile app services team works like an expansion to your team and paces you through the special phases of the mobile strategy. Once we get to the key idea – a cross between user value plan and your business requirements, we’ll describe your app’s MVP (minimum viable product). And if the planned idea doesn’t solve the key user issues, we will walk a different path. When all stakeholders are equivalent associated with the project objectives, we explain the app strategy.

Our analyses for devising App Strategy

We structure app strategies through in-depth analysis to reinforce your business

Market Analysis

The market analysis is required for a company to find and take place among other ventures and startups. We also offer our mobile app strategy with continuous trend watching to make sure the long-term planning for clients

Competitor Analysis

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of rivals and the capability to imagine the vector of their advance expansion enables us building a mobile strategy so that the product could be related and evident in a competitive market

User Personas Study

A true representation of the app`s vital user, his habits, and lifestyle, enables regulating the mobile app strategy in such a technique that the application got into their area of an idea and motivated a need to get it into their devices

KPI's Determination

Determination of main performance pointers enables us to manage the accomplishment of standards and objectives that were set up by the client. Our main focus on to make user-centric and successful app

Our roadmap for advanced App Strategy

We pay close attention to all details when it comes to strategizing mobile apps

High-Level Goals

We collect details to evaluate cost and time. This we determine by knowing what to develop and for which group, further recognizing and decreasing the unknowns and optimizing budget, timetable and objectives adds to the goals

Discovery Exercises

During this session, we conceive the app features, description and prioritization. We also work on the KPI descriptions, user cases while we evaluate the product placing mechanism along with design launch and post-launch necessities


At the time of delivery you will have the MVP feature list, suggested roadmap, product location declaration, user personas, design impression diagrams, estimation and agenda for design, and engineering stage in hand

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